About Work


"Nature City"
Design Indaba 2019
Cape Town, South Africa

Program: A City for the Future
Size: Undetermined
Team: Dong-Ping Wong
Collaborators: Virgil Abloh
Year: 2019

Right now, 2019, my country is run by a senile white supremacist, kids are either being gunned down in school or locked up in cages daily, we're dumping all our trash into the oceans and are rapidly melting down our planet until nothing is left.

When I was invited in February to speak at the renowned Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town, I knew that I needed to do something optimistic, nimble and fast.

Virgil is one of the most optimistic (and fast) people I know so I invited him to video call me and we would try to figure something out live on stage.

We decided to design a city in 15 minutes.

A more spiritual city. A more equal city. A more open city. A more natural city. Virgil joined in between final preparations for his Paris fashion shows the following day and I drew in front of 2500 people. It was fun. And hopeful.

- Dong-Ping Wong