About Work


Food Radio: Office Hours
Chinatown, NY

For three weeks, we took over a small storefront in Chinatown and interviewed over 40 artists, chefs, designers, musicians, writers, fashion designers, photographers and architects to see how they got started and how they make money in a creative field. We opened the space for workspace, workshops, and just general hanging out. Our goal was for people, especially kids of color, to hear and meet the artists, and to know that a life of creativity was a real and viable option.
Program: Storefront Studio and Radio Station
Size: 600 sf
Team: Ryan Fierro, Bella Janssens, Cass Nakashima, Jesse Taylor, Carrie Smith, Dong-Ping Wong
Collaborators: Jelisa Blumberg, Wavefarm, Patrick Nininger, Montez Press
Guests: Preeti Sriratana, Angela Dimayuga, Jean Brownhill, MN, DaoYi Chow, Maxwell Osborne, PlayLab, Felix Burrichter, Jon Wang, Chen Chen, Kai Williams, Kevin Ma, Karen Wong, Paul Chang, Aimee Chang, Colleen Brooks, Hailey Brooks, LinYee Yuan, Montez Press, Hassan Rahim, Atrak, Once Future, Alice Hines, Tim Simonds, Sue Chan, Sarah Law, Hannah Cheng, Jing Liu, Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, Cosmophage Collective, Gerardo Gonzalez, Heron Preston, Christian Pineda, Leong Leong, Deana Haggag, Claire Weisz, Alain Sylvain, Oana Stanescu, Shirt, Rachael Yaeger, Peter Ash Lee, Andrew Fairweather, Tei Carpenter, Toshiko Mori, Joel Evey, Stella Lee, Bunyamin Aydin, Ficus Interfaith
Status: Completed
Dates: OCT 26 - NOV 16 2018

Thank you to Beach Suites and Tillies for the support